Cave Dweller for the iPhone is Released!

A friend and I created an iPhone game and it was released to the Appstore today. We are current Computer Science students at UI. The game can be found on iTunes at The game is a puzzle/strategy game. It is unique in the respect it is not another colors and falling blocks game.

Our description of the game is as follows:

To win at this game, you must gather all of the bombs scattered around the level and get to the exit safely. By safely, we mean without getting trapped! Walking sideways underneath blocks causes them to fall, changing the level as you go. If you fail to reach the exit with all of the bombs, you must restart and try again. You can earn medals for beating a level in the minimum amount of moves. Beating all the levels unlocks a special feature in the game’s options menu.

We have also included a fantastic level editor for those inspired to create their own devious levels. This editor has the ability to automatically find solutions to custom levels and animate them for you. A future release may allow custom levels to be shared via a central repository, directly from the iPhone or iTouch. Have fun and good luck!

Features Include:
-23 Exciting Levels
-Level Editor
-Cocos2D Mode*
-Reverse Mode*
-Fantastic Artwork

* Available once the game has been completed.

The developers on this were myself Joey Gentry and Brandon Morton. We both are current students and Brandon happens to be a grad student. Let us know what you think. It would be great to see the word get spread about Computer Science and what the students are accomplishing.