First Review

Looks like the first reviewer to get ahold of our game is Yoyo over at iPhone Footprint. Check it out. They gave it 4 stars and wrote an excellent review about it.

Cave Dweller Lite Submitted

So I submitted Cave Dweller Lite to the App Store. It will be available when Apple approves it. There is 9 levels and no editor. Good for those who want to try before they buy!

Some Promo Fun

Ok so I spent the last couple days promoting our game. I submitted it to like 40 or so review sites in hopes to get some traffic there and possibly some good reviews. I went to our local ATT store and got them to put the game on their display phones and they were more than willing to do so. I also made a Facebook group. So hopefully this will help us out a bit.

Check out our Facebook group.

Check out 30+ review sites listed here.